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June 2017:- COMET 2017, Cergy Pontoise, France

Pixience and Biox are sharing exhibition booth 19 at this conference. In addition, Romain Vie of Pixience will present a talk on:-

The C-Cube camera: 3D reconstruction using photometric stereo.

and Bob Imhof will present a poster on:-

Stratum Corneum Hydration Measurement using Capacitance Contact Imaging.

Go to Library section of this website to download the poster handout and to see what else we have published recently.

January 2017:- New Epsilon Software Version 2_4

The latest Version 2_4 of the Epsilon software is here. Apart from numerous tweaks and bug-fixes, it adds the following new functionality:-

1. A Group Analysis Interface has been added to perform analyses automatically on all snapshot images in a selected folder. It can be accessed via the key combination <Shift><Ctrl>A.

2. New RoI configuration settings have been added for the Reference Panel in all analysis modes. The RoIs in the two image panels may now be set independently (as before), copied from one to the other, or content-matched with the Analysis Panel RoI.

3. Displayed histograms now use a logarithmic vertical axis for Npix [%] to better display the very wide range of values (0.001% to 100%) encountered in practice.

4. A calibration status message has been added to the status bar. Its aim is to remind users that, for best performance, the instrument should be factory recalibrated annually.

5. The colours used for image background, RoI and filtered-out pixels have been optimised for greater clarity. New controls have also been added to the Colour Selector panel for fine-tuning to user-preference.

6. Filtered-out pixels are now displayed more clearly in the associated histograms by greying out with the same two shades of grey as used in the images themselves.

Download the install file and updated Software Instruction Manual from the Support section of this website.

Sept 2016:- TRI Course: Advances in Skin Science, Measurement & Treatment

Bob Imhof (Biox) will present a 1-hour lecture on:-

Skin Hydration & Measurement

at a 2-day course:-

Advances in Skin Science, Measurement & Treatment

to be held at the home of TRI in Princeton, NJ. Go to the Library/Conference Presentations section of this website to view the presentation and to see what else we have published recently.

Announcement:- 1-day Skin Characterisation Workshop - London - June 23, 2016

On 23rd June, Biox will host a 1-day Skin Characterisation Workshop in London, to provide hands-on experience with four sophisticated skin characterisation instruments, as follows:-

The Wheelsbridge Tissue Viability Imager TiVi700 can see beneath the top layer of the skin or other tissues, to provide information about the underlying microcirculation and other tissue parameters. Click here for more information.
The Biox Epsilon E100 is a contact imaging system with a linear and calibrated response for characterising near-surface properties of skin and other electrically insulating materials. You can use it, for example, to measure stratum corneum hydration and imperceptible perspiration, even on hairy, wrinkled or curved skin sites that would normally be considered unsuitable for such measurements. Click here for more information.
The Pixience C-Cube Clinical Dermoscope is a colour-calibrated ultra-high definition imaging system for diverse skin measurements, including colour in Lab* co-ordinates, melanin & hemoglobin, dryness, sebum content and skin structures such as wrinkles, pores and micro-relief. Click here for more information.
The Biox AquaFlux AF200 is an evaporimeter using patented condenser-chamber technology to deliver unrivalled performance in skin barrier asessment in-vivo & in-vitro. Click here for more information.

Click here to download a 2-page pdf brochure with further details.

Click here to download an editable pdf registration form.

April 2016:- Biox acquires a License for the L'Oréal SkinChip Patents

Biox has negotiated an unrestricted, non-exclusive, world-wide licence from L'Oréal to exploit their SkinChip patents EP1438922 & EP1177766 relating to non-optical imaging on non-dermatoglyphic skin, hair and mucous membranes. Under this licence, all Epsilon images and measurements claimed in these patents can be used for all purposes, including commercial purposes such as claims support and advertising.

This is a big deal for the Epsilon, which can now be used without restrictions both for imaging and, thanks to its unique calibration, for measurement.

January 2016:- Biox appointed Distributor for Pixience C-Cube Dermoscope

Biox has been appointed exclusive distributor in the UK and Irish Republic for the Clinical Edition of Pixience's C-Cube digital dermoscope.

The C-Cube camera is easy to use by trained or untrained operators. It captures calibrated, glare-free images of skin and hair in ultra-high definition. The software provides protocol management for clinical studies as well as image analysis to assess more than 20 dermal characteristics from every image. These include dryness & desquamation, hair & scalp, pores & seborrhea, pigmentation & ageing, vascularisation, erythema, micro-relief and make-up. The calibration ensures that these assessments are reliable and repeatable from camera to camera and from time to time.

The C-Cube camera can also be used ex-vivo, with an optional sample reader accessory. With it, you can evaluate the manufacturing quality of tablets & capsules, the colour consistency of solutions & creams, seborrhea (with Sebutape) and skin dryness (with D-Squame patches).

Click here to download the C-Cube brochure.

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