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If you need top-performing scientific instruments for characterising bio-tissues such as skin, hair & nails and their interactions with the environment, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical products, then you have come to the right place. With our instruments you can measure quantities such as TEWL, SSWL, hydration, perspiration, membrane integrity, desquamation, erythema, blanching, wrinkles, micro-relief, ...

What are our products ?

1. AquaFlux
The AquaFlux is the top-performing instrument for Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). It uses patented condenser-chamber technology to deliver measurements of unrivalled sensitivity without the need for controlled ambient conditions. Accurate calibration methods unique to Biox ensure that measurements are consistent from instrument to instrument and from time to time. Immunity from handling artefacts associated with probe angle, contact pressure and hand-heat ensures that measurements are consistent from operator to operator and from laboratory to laboratory. Our latest developments in quality control provide the means to verify measurements based on rigorous scientific criteria, to further increase the statistical relevance of data sets. Quick-interchange measurement caps adapt the instrument to diverse tasks in-vivo, ex-vivo, in-vitro and in-culture.
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2. Epsilon
The Epsilon is a novel instrument for contact imaging of human skin, hair and a wide variety of other materials. Its proprietary electronics and signal processing algorithms map the sensor's non-linear signals onto a calibrated scale for measuring properties such as hydration and skin micro-relief. The software has facilities for recording and analysing snapshots, bursts and videos, for studying dynamic processes such as occlusive hydration, insensible perspiration, wetting, and the permeation of liquids through membranes.

Please note that Biox has an unrestricted, non-exclusive, world-wide licence from L'Oréal to exploit their SkinChip patents relating to non-optical imaging on non-dermatoglyphic skin, hair and mucous membranes. Under this licence, all Epsilon images and measurements can be used for all purposes, including commercial purposes such as claims support and advertising.
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3. Pixience C-Cube Dermoscope
The C-Cube Dermoscope, manufactured by Pixience SA of France, can capture calibrated, glare-free images of skin, scalp & hair in ultra-high definition. The images can be analysed to assess more than 20 dermal characteristics, including dryness & desquamation, pores & seborrhea, pigmentation & ageing, vascularisation, erythema, micro-relief and make-up. The C-Cube camera can also be used ex-vivo, with an optional sample reader accessory, to evaluate the manufacturing quality of tablets & capsules, the colour consistency of solutions & creams, seborrhea (with Sebutape) and skin dryness (with D-Squame patches). Biox is the exclusive distributor for the Clinical Edition of this system in the UK and Irish Republic.
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What else do we do ?

We provide consultancy services in the area of water vapour flux measurement in general and skin characterisation in particular. The Products section of this website gives more details. Not sure whether our instruments are right for your applications? Find out by doing a small-scale feasibility trial. Your place or ours?

Who are our customers ?

Manufacturers? CROs? Research Establishments? Universities? Medical Schools? Take a look at the list of our customer, their publications and what they say about us.

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Mad Scientists

Who are we ?

We are a spin-out company of London South Bank University, where its Skin Bioengineering Research Centre has been pursuing research interests in skin characterisation for over 20 years. Our staff are physicists & engineers with strong links to skin research. You can download many of our relevant publications from the Library section of this website.

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Any Questions ?

Any questions ?

Pick up the 'phone. send us an e-mail or visit us. Language should not be a barrier. Apart from English, we can communicate in Chinese, French, Hindi, German, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Swiss-German & Urdu. We're happy to help.

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